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Camille Cooper

Board Secretary

Camille Cooper is an experienced and highly regarded leader specializing in implementing public, regulatory, and government relations strategies. Cooper is also adept in overseeing high-impact initiatives associated with legal, political, and international environments. She brings over 20 years of experience in federal and state legislative drafting, strategizing, and lobbying on topics related to child protection, child exploitation, and anti-child trafficking – as well as gender and media.

Camille has presented to dozens of high-level officials from Africa, Jordan, South Korea, and the EMEA region for the State Department, and has presented keynotes at hundreds of campuses, and at conferences including APSAC, the Brighthood Conference in Sweden, Europol at the Hague, and the United Nations.

A skilled team manager and developer, Camille Cooper manages a consulting LLC — a full-service government and public affairs firm focusing on legislative reforms and social impact campaigns for national nonprofits.

Camille has led efforts on over a dozen of the largest reforms on Capitol Hill and she has written and passed over fifty laws in twenty-four different states. She has expertise in federal and state appropriations where her efforts have directed billions of dollars in federal and state spending to states, organizations and groups who need it most. Specifically, it strives for policy change related to appropriations, law enforcement, criminal justice reform, finance, child protection, child exploitation, human trafficking, and technology.

"The scale of child exploitation is a moral catastrophe. Children deserve to have every available resource allocated towards their identification, safety, and care. "

Camille Cooper