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Glen Pounder

Glen Pounder has been with Child Rescue Coalition since 2019 and used their technology in a law enforcement capacity since 2015. He acts as the organization’s liaison with law enforcement and other partners, driving collaboration to protect children through the use of CRC’s cutting-edge technology. Throughout his more than 30-year law enforcement career, he has undertaken numerous investigative, intelligence and team leadership roles combatting child sexual abuse and many other forms of serious crime.

Glen worked for 6 years in Portugal as the UK’s Law Enforcement liaison between 2003 and 2009. He played a key role in establishing a multi-national counter drugs task force (MAOC-N) fusing LE intelligence with military assets to combat the trans-Atlantic drug trade. After running an investigation team in the UK, he returned to foreign service in 2012 as Liaison in the USA where he took responsibility for all CSE related operational activity. Glen finished his service for the NCA in 2019 having spent two years in Switzerland establishing the UK’s first full time LE liaison post in the country. Glen is fluent in Portuguese and in 2019 completed a master’s degree in Internet Law and Policy from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. 

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