What we do


Raven exists to transform our nation’s response to child exploitation.

Helping those who help our children

Child exploitation has become a pandemic, impacting children’s lives throughout the United States and the world.

Cases have steadily increased as more and more children become dependent on electronic devices, yet funding, policy, and solutions have not changed to meet this increase.

We cannot arrest our way out of this. We must unite and fight for our frontline heroes, uniting to protect our children from abuse.

Raven was formed to bring together subject matter experts through multiple disciplines including experts in policy, laws, investigations, education, and research. Collectively Raven brings over 200 years of experience to form the only advocacy group in the United States focused on our most important resource: our children.

Our focus

As the first and only 501(c)4 group focused on child exploitation in the United States, we work with lawmakers, advocates, agencies, and organizations who are willing to challenge the status quo and fight to protect our most vulnerable citizens.
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Increase funding and resources

Online crimes against children continue to increase, but funding levels for Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) programs have stayed the same since 2008. 

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Find more efficient ways to disseminate tips and criminal intelligence to investigators and analysts in the field

Vital information and data are currently unable to be efficiently shared with law enforcement.

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Show how offenders use social media to inflict harm on young people and explain the long-term impact that can result from online exploitation

Children who have experienced exploitation are more vulnerable to future exploitation, as the psychological effect of trauma is often long-lasting and challenging to overcome.

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Hold technology companies accountable for content on their platforms

Social media platforms are protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a 1996 law that removes legal liability, even if the content is unlawful.

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Unite agencies, organizations, and individuals fighting exploitation

We can “raise all boats,” ensuring ICAC teams and other organizations share best practices and resources.
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Lobby for law and policy changes to better protect children and bring perpetrators to justice

The discrepancies in state laws often mean perpetrators are not held accountable, leaving them to continue to exploit children.
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Highlight the nexus between online victimization, human trafficking, and drug abuse

Vulnerable children are more likely to be exploited, re-exploited, trafficked, and introduced to drug use.

Become an advocate

When you get involved, you can help us raise awareness, increase resources to law enforcement, and enact lasting change.


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