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Janet Jensen

Board Treasurer

Janet serves as Raven’s Treasurer. Janet Jensen is the Founder of The Jensen Project where she leverages her strengths in business, innovation, and creativity to cultivate opportunities for individuals and organizations dedicated to sustainable investments that build a better future for vulnerable and traumatized individuals. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Janet has launched multiple businesses, foundations, and social initiatives, including the Human Investments Foundation where she distributed over $5 million in scholarships to disadvantaged students seeking higher education, and Genius100, an international community of gifted visionaries that develop solutions for a positive impact. Most notably, Janet has taken an active role against sexual violence throughout her career, pioneering changes that paved the way for critical victim supports at the local and national levels. Since 2020, Janet and her entities have awarded 187 different grants totaling over $16 million.

She has served on numerous Boards, been a frequent speaker on university campuses, fought for victim-centered policies and practices, and volunteered for over 40 years to counsel and support survivors of sexual assault.

Recognizing the power of resilience, Janet believes every survivor should feel seen, heard, respected, and inspired to become their own hero. She also believes everyone has a role to play in changing the world for the better. Through the dedicated mission of The Jensen Project, Janet focuses on identifying best practices and leveraging existing resources to build capacity, prevent violence, and create solutions for the advancement of women. By combining her passions for victim advocacy and economic empowerment with decades of experience in the public and private sectors, Janet strategically aligns interested stakeholders with impactful partnerships for change.

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